Andhra Pradesh election commission doing it Right or Wrong?

The transfer and suspension orders issued by Andhra Pradesh Election Commission have also, become controversial.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 18, 2020 09:52 IST
Andhra Pradesh election commission doing it Right or Wrong?

The electoral community, which has been accused of acting with crooked ideas and conspiracies, has suddenly become disabled! In the absence of direction to follow their orders fell into a state of imperfection! To whom to complain about this ... they are not taught how to rectify the situation without resorting to more accusations and criticism.
Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy made this very clear in his press meet. He spoke about the election commission. Jagan gave a shock to Election commission, Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar.
Jagan was grateful to take Chandrababu's instructions into people. He alleges that the election commission is in favor of Chandrababu Naidu. Only one corona case registered in a state with a population of over 5 crores in AP. The postponement of local elections for 6 weeks… doesn't make any sense. Jagan says.
If the elections are not completed by March 31, the amount of Rs 4100 crore and funds from the Central Government that is due to the state will run out. Just to avoid that trouble ... In the case of BC reservation may go to the Supreme Court to prove their sanity. But Jagan did not go to the Supreme court. However, Jagan did this to make an easy way for funds from central govt.
It is in this context that the transfer and suspension orders issued by EC have also become controversial. They are also considered to be malicious orders. The government stopped enforcing those orders. This does not distract the electoral community. The scandal has already caused them to make decisions with caste-ism, and they kept the future of AP at risk. Andhra Pradesh EC is currently in dilemma regarding its next step. EC as a whole turned dormant.