Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddharatha missing

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: July 30, 2019 13:18 IST
Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddharatha missing

Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha missing
In a shocking report CCD - Cafe Coffee Day founder V G Siddartha is suspected to jumped off a bridge in Mangaluru, last night. The famous news channels have been reporting the same. He is also the Son in the law of ex Karnataka chief minister Mr SM Krishna. According to the report, the news emerged after the Mangaluru City Police started a search for a person who had jumped off the kilometre-long Ullal bridge on Monday night. Siddarth's Car driver is the current person in questioning about the same issue.
The news all around is that he allegedly committed suicide where an official confirmation is awaited. The current status with police is that the person is Missing. The driver of his car stated that Siddarth was on a phone call when he was off from the car. His phone or he is currently not reachable after the incident happened. The driver states that he asked his driver to stop the car as they were passing through the bridge across the river Nethravathi and asked him to keep moving, and he would follow by walking for some distance.
VG Siddhartha reportedly wrote a letter to CCD staff, mentioning his financial struggles and failed business model.
Mentions harassment he faced from a former Income Tax official.
‘I have failed’ due to harassment by Tax Officer, wrote missing CCD Owner in a letter to his staff.