Can Bandi Sanjay stand strong against KCR?

You are making all the Yagnas to make your son as CM but not for the welfare of the Hindu society.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 16, 2020 19:51 IST
Can Bandi Sanjay stand strong against KCR?

Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay has been appointed as the state president of the Bharathiya Janata Party. He made his debut in Telangana after being elected as president. Recently he made his first speech as president of the party at a party event in Hyderabad. In his first speech, he threw challenges on KCR, and he has set KCR as his main target.

He expressed his intentions for the future by cheering the party lines in desperation. He declared that his goal was to hoist the Bharatiya Janata Party flag on Golconda Fort. Activists have directed leaders to get the party to power in 2023 from now on. On this occasion, KCR is not afraid of coronavirus, Sanjay has said that the threat of BJP has taken hold. From the beginning, KCR responded to criticism that the Central govt was against Telangana and not funding it.
Does KCR have the guts to come over central govt? Sanjay challenged. In Baimsa, little girls and women asked to protect their brothers. He said he would go to Baimsa again. Sanjay commented that "You are making all the Yagnas to make your son as CM but not for the welfare of the Hindu society". He asked KCR how's he getting all the funds for welfare programs? It's Telangana people's money. KCR is asked to give the calculation of the money given by the Central government. Do we need a government like KCR, who is an inhuman beast? He said that soon the TRS will be abolished and the minority vote bank will overthrow the KCR looking to rule the state. Sanjay added, "From today onwards the war started and your countdown also started".
He seems to be more confident about the upcoming 2024 elections. With the challenges he made in the speech, he's giving a tough competition to KCR. Sanjay also says that, if he gets defeated in the elections, he will die. So, he's standing strong against KCR.