Chandrababu Naidu hires a friend of Prasanth Kishore as his consultant

Chandrababu Naidu hires Robbin Sharma, who has earlier worked with Prashant Kishor. Read more for complete details.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: September 24, 2019 14:01 IST
Chandrababu Naidu hires a friend of Prasanth Kishore as his consultant

Jagan has engaged popular political strategist Prashant Kishor. To work out strategies for him to pull down the TDP led by N Chandrababu Naidu from power. YSRC party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy went all out to come to power in 2019 elections.
In the last election, Jagan implemented meticulous strategies include:
1) The innovative publicity campaign,
2) Designing of populist schemes.
3) Huge social media campaign by IPAC promoted by Prashant Kishor.
These things helped Jagan in a way that he could come to power with a huge majority.
Of his political acumen, Naidu was so much overconfident. To work out the political strategies for him, he did not engage any agency. Believing that his last-minute populist schemes would help him return to power. He took the people for granted.
He is losing no time to regain his lost glory now as Naidu has thrown out of power. While exposing the alleged misrule of the YSRC, the TDP chief has decided to revive the party’s fortunes. And win back the people’s confidence. Even though there are more than four years and eight months to go for the next elections.
On this issue, sources said that Naidu has engaged a consultant by name Robbin Sharma. He had earlier worked with Prashant Kishor in IPAC team. For payment of Rs 50 crore, TDP chief hired him, after consulting his party leaders and experts.
Some senior journalists closer to Naidu and pro-TDP media houses are being banked. To gather info on the policies of the Jagan government and give him regular feedback. In the teleconferences held by Naidu every day, these reporters are taking part. How far these strategies are going to take CBN is yet to see.