Coronavirus death toll crosses 10,000!

Coronavirus has spread to 117 countries, killing more than 10,000 people
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 20, 2020 18:01 IST
Coronavirus death toll crosses 10,000!

The coronavirus, which is trembling the world, is increasing its effectiveness day by day. Already the number of corona deaths is increasing day by day. The birth of the coronavirus is still continuing in other countries where its impact in China has waned. Coronavirus is showing its impact in Italy.

Up to a few days back we heard that corona does not have an influence on India. But now, the case is different. The cases are increasing at a rapid pace. A large proportion of those coming from overseas increased. These people came from coronavirus affected countries. The government neglected to establish quarantine in the early stages. This drawback made the situation worse. This is the major reason for the spread of coronavirus in India.
In Telangana, however, it was decided from last Sunday that everyone from abroad must be quarantined. If the same approach is being taken by the Central government before, the situation would be somewhat better. But the government failed in issuing strict orders in the initial stage. Today the coronavirus outbreak in India is due to the negligence of the Central government. However, 13 positive cases got registered in Telangana. There is speculation that CM KCR is planning to impose section 144 in Telangana for a few days.
Corona deaths are the highest in China, and now it has passed to Italy. Coronavirus has spread to 117 countries, killing more than 10,000 people. Worldwide, the number of Corona victims reached 2,45,600.
In India too, the number of corona victims has reached 200. Another person from Punjab died due to corona. The number of new cases has been increasing in the country for two days. Within two days, 54 new corona cases reported.
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