Dangerous news for Indians than Corona Virus!

Nobody wants to eat chicken products, including eggs, with the false propaganda.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 29, 2020 14:45 IST
Dangerous news for Indians than Corona Virus!

Corona is rapidly expanding to all countries worldwide. The deadly virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has spread to Latin America. The first coronavirus case had reported recently in Brazil. The death toll from Covid-19 so far has reached 2,804, with the number of victims estimated at 82,166. The increase of the death toll in South Korea, Iran, and Italy is alarming. Italy (12), Iran (19), and South Korea (14) have died of the virus. In China, 32 more people lost their lives on Wednesday, while 435 new cases got recorded. China's National Health Commission says 29 people died in the Hubei provinces, while three others died. So far, 32,569 people got recovered, while another 8,346 are in critical condition.
The poultry industry has no link to the Kovid virus. In addition to false propaganda, unnecessary fear is now bringing new hardship to the poultry industry, which depends on poultry farming. The industry, which has a turnover of over Rs. 1 Lakh crores across the country got hit with a nationwide Kovid virus rumor over the last few weeks. In both the Telugu states, the loss is of over Rs. 1000 crores. Indians are more afraid of this false news on chicken rather coronavirus.
Many have reduced the consumption of chicken. This has led to a decrease in demand. This is the situation of millions of chickens that are raising. This is now seriously affecting the market. Nobody wants to eat chicken products, including eggs, with the false propaganda going on on social media that a chicken egg is infected with a virus. Millions of chickens die on the farm, as they do not go to market in time.