Delhi BJP website hacked! Pro-Pak, anti-Modi messages posted

The website of BJP's Delhi unit got hacked on Saturday by suspected Pakistani hackers and they posted Pro-Pak and anti-Modi messages.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: November 03, 2019 16:45 IST
Delhi BJP website hacked! Pro-Pak, anti-Modi messages posted

Delhi’s BJP website got hacked on Friday night. The hacker group called Muhammad Bilal TeAM [PCE] posted hate messages against India and PM Narendra Modi. They asked the country to remember on 27 February.
The website, under the same domain, appears to be landing on a page, which redirects to a single page site, with a message from the hackers.
Messages including “Ghar main ghuss kar marain gy” and “I can lie a lot, can I also get a ‘Vir Chakra’ like Abhinandan?” was posted on the website.
The message ended with a hashtag that used abusive language against PM Modi, and an Email ID - - probably the hacker group’s email ID.
Security researcher Elliot Alderson, who often posts about the Indian government’s online lapses, pointed out the hack on Twitter. He said that the page, Kashmir.html got loaded from a service called PasteBin, which allows users to make dummy web pages.
Alderson further pointed out the same domain of the Delhi BJP and the main BJP website, saying that the Delhi BJP site is just a sub-domain of the BJP website’s domain. He said that both are on the same server.