Do scientists identify the REAL REASON behind Corona?

The coronavirus enters the body through this protein.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 07, 2020 16:21 IST
Do scientists identify the REAL REASON behind Corona?

Currently, the people of the world are trembling with life-threatening coronavirus. Scientists around the world are currently working on finding the vaccine for the virus, but the results are not forthcoming. Everyone is worried about the spread of coronavirus. This deadly virus has already spread to 57 countries. The death toll from the deadliest virus in China has killed more than 3,200 people in the country, and now the virus is on the decline in China. But in other countries, the effect of this virus is increasing day by day.
China! Including technology, it also created viruses like China toys, cell phones in China, China projects are part of our life ... Coronavirus is taking the lives of innocent people. With the effect of the coronavirus effect, the whole world is under threat. It became a deadly virus.
The main reasons have been discovered. It's mainly caused due to contact between two people. It can also spread to one another only through the nose and eyes.
Coronavirus enters the lungs through the nose. But here's something to note. Viruses and bacteria can enter the body directly from any other parasite. So it needs a conductor. The carrier can only enter when it is available ... and now scientists have discovered that the coronavirus is entering through some protein which helps the virus to enter the lungs. Its name is TMPRSS-2. The virus enters the body through this protein.
Scientists say that the virus can spread to different parts of the body. If the virus found in the body, now that the antidote is not a big deal, German scientists say that soon the medicine will found.