EC seized ₹839 crore cash , drugs worth ₹1,270 crore during polls !

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: May 20, 2019 10:41 IST
EC seized ₹839 crore cash , drugs worth ₹1,270 crore during polls !

EC seized ₹839 crore cash, drugs worth ₹1,270 crore during polls!
There has been a flow of luring items all over the pre-poll period in the 17th Lok Sabha elections that were ended on Sunday. Money, Liquor, Drugs and what not to influence the voters towards them here are those staggering numbers that our democratic country has witnessed so far.
The Election Commission has revealed it seized cash worth ₹839.26 crore and liquor worth ₹293.60 crore during the seven phases of 17th Lok Sabha elections, which concluded today.
Drugs and narcotics worth ₹1,269.63 crore, precious metals worth ₹986.73 crore and other items worth ₹58.53 crore were also seized. The total amounts to ₹3,447.74 crore compared to ₹1,206 crore in 2014.
The seizure report for the 7th phase of general elections only reads Cash worth - Rs 839.03 crore, liquor worth - Rs 294.41 crore, Drugs/Narcotics worth - Rs 1270.37 crore, precious metals worth - Rs 986.76 crore, other items worth - Rs 58.56 crore.