Exclusive: Naidu takes aggressive route

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: July 03, 2019 12:30 IST
Exclusive: Naidu takes aggressive route

Exclusive: Naidu takes the aggressive route
In the wake of being repressed for over a month following the embarrassing destruction of the Telugu Desam Party in the ongoing assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, party president and former chief minister of AP N Chandrababu Naidu has turned forceful once more.
The explanation behind his animosity is the supposed assaults of the YSR Congress party leaders on the TDP workers in various parts of the state. Naidu, who went to his Kuppam constituency after the elections for the first time, tended to an open meeting at Ramakuppam on Tuesday. He said effectively six Party workers had lost their lives and at certain areas party specialists were driven away from the towns.
"There was no place for such attacks in a democracy every party should respect other parties," said Babu. HeHe said the YSRC government had neglected to keep up peace. "When it fails in its duties, people will not sit as silent spectators but become active and control such acts. I am deeply pained with the attacks on party workers and though TDP won the elections for five times, we never resorted to such attacks", said Naidu.
The TDP president said he would remain by each party member and worker who is suffering in the hands of the YSRC leaders. "It is my duty to protect every party worker in the state. Wherever there is a problem, I will be there. If needed, I will stay back there for 2-3 days to create confidence among the party workers," he added.
Naidu emphasized that he would not like to criticize the government as it required some time to settle down. "But, the ruling party was targeting TDP workers at several places in the state which should be condemned. Party lines should be at the time of elections only. Once that process was completed everyone should focus on development activities and people’s problems should be high on agenda. Instead of doing that the ruling party was thinking that by frightening TDP workers with attacks which is not correct," said Naidu.
The allegations are no new over YSRCP. True or false, these allegations have been made over YSRCP since it came to power by TDP. No significant report has shown the allegations true. These might also be the tactics of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu to gain sympathy among the public which might be a bit hard for Babu at this time where Jagan is maintaining the confidence of the public over him.