From now on, having a 4th liquor bottle is an offense in AP

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: September 02, 2019 20:20 IST
From now on, having a 4th liquor bottle is an offense in AP

When Jagan Mohan Reddy promised the complete liquor prohibition among his poll promises, everyone looked at him as a laughing stock. But Jagan is no mood to give up on any of his poll promises as he decided to eradicate the liquor consumption in Andhra Pradesh step by step.

In the first step, he closed down the un-licensed and unauthorized liquor outlets. Now, YCP Government decided to take over the retail liquor business. In the first phase, 1/5th of the existing liquor shops were shut down. He is determined to implement a phased liquor ban in the state and necessary amendments were made to 1993 State Excise Act already.
Now, strict measures have been taking to discourage the consumption of the liquor among the public so that he can complete his promise to the fullest by 2004.
They are as follows:-
1)An Individual can't have more than 3 liquor bottles
2) Liquor Consumption in public places is prohibited
3) Ban on Permit Rooms at Liquor Outlets
4) Liquor Shops will remain closed after 9 pm
So, we can see AP as a dry state by 2040 i.e after over two decades.