Grama Volunteers asking for money!!

It seems like it's a reasonable demand from volunteers.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 28, 2020 11:46 IST
Grama Volunteers asking for money!!

When YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was forming the government to bring public services to the public, the system of volunteers evolved. Officially they said that they will hire 4 Lakh volunteers, but only 2.5 lakh volunteers got hired. However, there were also claims that they were mostly YCP members. In many cases, the manner of volunteers has also been controversial.
So far, they have been providing pensions and ration cards in the villages. Bringing the ration to the home does not begin yet. Now, people started criticizing volunteers for removing pensions and ration cards. The volunteers, however, say they are not related to this issue, and they are saying that they are working according to government regulations. While the volunteers are being criticized, the government says the volunteers are the strength of our government.
On the one hand, while the government continues to support them, there is a serious issue in the case of government volunteers. Today, Education Minister of Andhra Pradesh Adimulapu Suresh declared the examinations schedule as the Tenth exams will get held from March 23rd to April 8th and inter exams from March 4th to March 23rd.
The government has assigned the village and ward volunteers as invigilators for these examinations. With this announcement, Volunteers have asked for money for being invigilators. Likewise, they pay for teachers, Volunteers asked the government to issue money for their work during these exams. It seems like it's a reasonable demand from volunteers. But there is no official confirmation from the government yet.
Intermediate and 10th exams are very important in a student's life. When writing those exams, the investigator's role will be very crucial for their paperwork, exam procedure, OMR sheets, etc. Volunteers, on the other hand, are serious about assigning them as invigilators. All the volunteers, mostly under the age of 23 to 25 are being criticized by the officials as "How they can get such key responsibilities?"