How much is China's target to Kill worldwide?

This is a Conspiratorial act of China.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 24, 2020 14:57 IST
How much is China's target to Kill worldwide?

Coronavirus is currently trembling the world with fear. In China itself, there is a high death rate. Even we are unable to count. It is better to say that the Chinese 'invented' coronavirus. Many people are thinking that this virus was born in China. But this is not the case. Chinese invented this in a biological lab in China. Currently, this virus is spreading to all the countries across the world namely Italy, Spain, America, France and India. The Chinese G=government has set up a lot of measures to save people. But in vain. Finally, lockdown helped them to control the effect of the virus in China.

The birthplace of coronavirus is Wuhan city in China. Chinese invented this pandemic to kill the people in America and India mainly. But the results got reversed. The virus showed its adverse effect in China. Even the medical experts of China identified this virus in Wuhan, the main aim of China is to spread this virus to all the people in the world. This is a Conspiratorial act of China.
In one of the Chinese books, it is mentioned clearly that when and how they should release this virus. The name of the book is 'The eyes of darkness'. They published this book in the year 1981. According to this sketch, the Chinese hid the virus in a biological laboratory in Wuhan. To reduce the count of poor people in China, they have stored this virus in Wuhan.
The Chinese thought that this would help them to reduce the poverty percentage in China. But it affected the whole world in a matter of months. Millions of people affected by this virus and thousands have lost their lives.
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