Indian government hiding Corona cases?

Coronavirus has spread in all the 48 countries.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 28, 2020 10:11 IST
Indian government hiding Corona cases?

The world of perils... Yes. Corona is rapidly expanding to all countries worldwide. The deadly virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has spread to Latin America. The first coronavirus case had reported recently in Brazil. The death toll from Covid-19 so far has reached 2,804, with the number of victims estimated at 82,166. The increase of the death toll in South Korea, Iran, and Italy is alarming.
Italy (12), Iran (19), and South Korea (14) have died of the virus. In China, 32 more people lost their lives on Wednesday, while 435 new cases have recorded. China's National Health Commission says 29 people died in the Hubei provinces, while three others died. So far, 32,569 people have recovered, while another 8,346 are in critical condition.
Given the current situation, several Indians also feel that even those who got screened must follow up to find out if they develop Covid-19 symptoms later. As much as 53% of the population feel that the government is currently not doing enough to keep tabs on travelers from Southeast Asian countries. Even though a lot of cases are being identified in Asia, India has very little death toll up to now. As most of the Asian countries are affected by Covid-19, Sources say that the Indian government is hiding its Corona cases...
The World Health Organization has warned that the number of victims and deaths in the rest of the world should remain vigilant, though the virus intensity in China is steadily declining. Coronavirus has spread in all the 48 countries. The death toll on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Oklahoma has risen to seven. There were 1597 cases in South Korea, 470 in Italy and 190 cases in Japan. About 700 people aboard the Diamond Princess ship have diagnosed with coronavirus.
In South Korea, 334 new cases have detected on Wednesday, which may increase in the coming days. When coronavirus is spreading in Asia, Europe, and Central Asia, the United States is also alarmed.