It is not #HowdyModi but #RowdyModi is trending in twitter

Howdy Modi! an event in Houston has got much attention as it is historic moment. However we have seen that instead of #HowdyModi, #RowdyModi has trended on Twitter.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: September 25, 2019 11:41 IST
It is not #HowdyModi but #RowdyModi is trending in twitter

Howdy Modi! The event in Houston has remarked as a historic moment. Sharing the stage with US President Donald Trump, Modi addressed 50,000 Indian-Americans. This moment is the first of its kind even by the opposition parties in India.  
But, there is another headline being popular. This is about the Pakistanis’ protest against Modi, including a legible number of Americans along the sidelines of Howdy Modi! Event. A huge number of Muslim and Sikh protestors joined this protest against Modi.   
From the beginning, until the end, Go Back Modi resonated. Even #RowdyModi, #GoBackModi, and #LetKashmirSpeak are trended over social media. The supporters of Modi’s decision have outnumbered the haters.   
This decision has been taken against the will of several citizens. But this decision is in favour of an even number of citizens of India. “How long might Kashmir stay suppressed and kept far from development?” is the question being trended on social media.