It took just 15 minutes for me to come out of the poll results - Pawan Kalyan

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: July 06, 2019 15:20 IST
It took just 15 minutes for me to come out of the poll results - Pawan Kalyan

It took just 15 minutes for me to come out of poll results - Pawan Kalyan
Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who was the chief guest of TANA's 22nd conference has opened up about the post-poll scenarios, He said it took just 15 minutes for him to overcome from the election defeat. Pawan also said it will take a lot of time to gain people's faith that can translate into votes.
"Many leaders from party thought we will win looking at the crowd who attended my meetings during the election campaign. But I knew that all the people who were there will not vote for Jana Sena. I did ethical politics and so I lost. I'm not at all disappointed and I can wait patiently for some more time," said Pawan Kalyan.
Recalling an incident that took place on the 100 days function of his movie 'Khushi' Jana Sena chief said, that day he came to a conclusion that films don't influence people and that day he decided to come out of films and do something for people. "I don't have struggles like Nelson Mandela but I know how to face the defeat," said Pawan.
The actor turned politician added that many people had different opinions on inviting him here and it kind of upset him. "We are one, Telugu community and Indians. Why should we divide ourselves with caste, region and religion? I came to unite people and instead of misusing social media for abusing leaders and political parties, everyone should debate on why people should take money to vote. From that day a change will come in the society," stated Pawan.
On the politicians, he said these days they are like dictators. We are living in a democratic country and politicians should do what people want but it is happening the other way. Politicians are threatening people and ruling. This trend will soon go as monarchy rule doesn't fit in democracy.