It’s Minister vs Ex-Minister in the council

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: July 19, 2019 13:44 IST
It’s Minister vs Ex-Minister in the council

It’s Minister vs Ex-minister in the council
Within the political circles, the hot topic at present is the war of words between, Nara Lokesh and Anil Kumar Yadav in the legislative council. Education Minister Suresh alleged that 7 crores were given for British council and 5.4 crores were allotted for Gnanabheri while citing the misuse of fund allotted for higher education council. Suresh even accused that TDP government had diverted 180 crore rupees which were meant for higher education for Pasupu Kumkuma scheme.
The rolling party, also complained that then minister and officials were involved in the corruption. On this very issue, a heated argument took place between Nara Lokesh and Anil Kumar Yadav. Lokesh starting the argument demanded the minister to withdraw his comments and reminded him that Jagan was in prison for 16 months for corruption charges.
Over this YSRCP members raised an objection. Anil Kumar Yadav recalled how Lokesh had pronounced Mangalagiri as Mandalagiri and had converted birth anniversary as death anniversary. He added, 'Such individuals served as Ministers of the previous government. There is a need to offer Telugu training classes to Lokesh'.
Concluding his argument, Anil Kumar has said that CBN had conspired with Congress party in order to file false cases against Jagan as Jagan was enemy to Congress too after leaving Congress to form his own party.