Jio gives WORK FROM HOME BUMPER OFFER during Coronavirus outbreak

Jio launched a plan under the name 'Work From Home' enjoy the services while you self quarantine from coronavirus outbreak.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 23, 2020 15:28 IST
Jio gives WORK FROM HOME BUMPER OFFER during Coronavirus outbreak

Corona the epidemic that is trembling the world... It is expanding day by day. Everyone knows that China is the birthplace of the coronavirus. It has now spread to almost all countries in the world. Up to now, there are 3261 deaths recorded in China. Now, the rest of the countries are trembling with fear. Everyone concerned that the number of corona positive cases is increasing day by day. As part of the corona, shopping malls, theatres, educational institutions, and pubs in many states of the country shut down. To this end, many private companies have already provided work from home to their employees. The central government has also allowed some of its employees to work from home. Against this backdrop, telecom companies are announcing offers for work from home buyers. Recently the leading telecom company Jio has announced a bumper offer for customers.

Jio Launched a plan under the name 'Work From Home'.The plan costs Rs.251 The pack is 51 days long and provides 2 GB of data per day. The customers can use the internet even after the data gets completed. Otherwise, the data speed is 64 KBPS. However, this pack is only for data. Calls and messages cannot be made. Jio says the plan applies to anyone currently uses any Jio Plan.
Public sector company BSNL has already been providing internet for months. On the other hand, the Center is taking stringent measures for corona tightening. Even though the government has set up several measures to eradicate coronavirus into our country, the results are in vain.
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