KCR betrayed his own people?

KCR said that the entire world is interested on Medaram.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 08, 2020 10:01 IST
KCR betrayed his own people?

Telangana Chief Minister and TRS chief, Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao had visited the Medaram Jatara (the biggest Adivasi event in Asia). However, it looks like he had forgotten the promise he made for the development of Medaram as he visited two years back.
For the event that is also known as ‘Telangana Kumbh Mela’, the release of about Rs.200 crore funds had promised by KCR earlier. He even had promised that he will procure as many as 200 acres of land for the Jatara. He said that he will come back to Medaram within 20 days and then he will sit there on a chair for the procurement of land and its survey.
On that occasion, he even told that he will personally meet the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi in Delhi and will put pressure on him to announce the Jatara as National event after providing ‘National Status’.
He said that the entire world is interested in Medaram. He added that they should develop this locality as the goddesses of Medaram Sammakka and Saralamma are the initiators for the Telangana Movement, during his visit to Medaram two years back.