KCR giving bigger stroke to Revanth Reddy!

TRS party is moving towards accusing Revanth Reddy of this allegation
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 29, 2020 15:36 IST
KCR giving bigger stroke to Revanth Reddy!

In Telangana, Malkaj Giri MP Revant Reddy will be the front-runner in the fight against pink party boss, KCR. He is very aggressive regarding this. Against this backdrop, the ruling party in the 2018 Assembly elections has troubled him a lot.
In particular, they focused on his constituency, during the election. Revanth Reddy, who was a bit silent after the election results, won the seat in the Lok Sabha elections from Malkaj Giri. Since then, he has been active again and has started to fight against the ruling party, TRS.
In the court, Revanth Reddy fought against various land allocations done by the TRS government. At the same time, Revanth Reddy is heading towards the public in the name of 'Pattana Gosa'. On the other hand, the Congress party is working hard to elect a new president for the TPCC. Revanth's name is also heard in this race. At this point, the allegations of land-grabbing on Revanth became a sensation.
A complaint got lodged that Revanth Reddy and his brother had illegally taken over some land in Gopan Palli, Hyderabad. The government, which has a serious focus on this matter, suspended a deputy collector as he was cooperating with Revanth. TRS party is moving towards accusing Revant of this allegation. The TRS alleges irregularities in the purchase of land in Uppal. Sources say that the TRS government planned to file a complaint. It seems that this decision to fix Revanth in these allegations had made by the TRS party, who has caused them a lot of trouble.
In fact, Revanth got caught in a note-for-vote case. However, this resulted in the TRS government focusing on other cases. TPCC says that there is a risk of losing the position.