KCR's perfect decision deserves applause...

Taking into consideration the future political needs, they renewed his post.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 14, 2020 13:08 IST
KCR's perfect decision deserves applause...

K Kesavarao… There is probably no anonymous person in the joint Andhra Pradesh. He played a key role in the Congress regime as a minister, senior leader, KK has seen many posts in politics. Enjoyed ministerial positions. He became a fan of Telangana and joined the TRS before the 2014 elections in the presence of KCR.

KCR has given much importance to KK despite his presence in TRS. KCR gave him a key position in the party. KK is the party's general secretary. He was elected as the leader of the parliamentary party. It is now decided to send KK to the Rajya Sabha again. Even at the age of 80 years, KK is still intact, playing a key role in the party's success.
Today he is the top leader in TRS. He has good relations with national leaders. Taking into consideration the future political needs, they renewed his post. He should retire as a member of the Rajya Sabha on April 9 this year in AP. However, he felt the need and sent KK to the Rajya Sabha. This is a perfect decision from KCR. His party members are applauding him for this decision.
TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao cleared the name of Kesava Rao for one of the two Rajya Sabha seats that are falling vacant next month. He announced the candidature of K R Suresh Reddy, former speaker of combined Andhra Pradesh, for the second seat. The TRS, which has 104 members in the 119-member state Assembly can easily win both the Rajya Sabha seats.
Kesava Rao, who got elected to Rajya Sabha on a TRS ticket in March 2014, before the bifurcation of the combined Andhra Pradesh, allotted to residuary Andhra Pradesh through lottery. After bifurcation, while Congress candidate K V P Ramachandra Rao, who belongs to Andhra, allotted to Telangana.