Mixed responses generated for Pawan Kalyan's reactions

Pawan Kalyan came up with a response on Ayodhya verdict and YCP decision on banning Telugu medium where the public reacted in dual ways
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: November 11, 2019 13:18 IST
Mixed responses generated for Pawan Kalyan's reactions

Pawan Kalyan is one of the politicians in the country who uses social media to connect with his followers. His recent tweets drew a lot of public attention.

On one side, Pawan Kalyan's response to the Ayodhya verdict drew a lot of positive feedback. Only a few politicians have responded to this and Pawan is one among them. Responding to the sensational and historic verdict, Pawan Kalyan tweeted, "The healing and historical judgment by Supreme Court on ‘Ram Janmaboomhi‘ reflects the distilled wisdom of Indian Judiciary. We people of ‘Bharath’ wholeheartedly acknowledge the Supreme Court for upholding ‘Dharma.’ Bharath Matha ki Jai!!!"
On the other side, his tweets on the YSRCP government's decision to ban Telugu medium in Government schools is raising a big issue. Moreover, Pawan responded to this by a tweet in English and it is drawing a lot of flak.
Pawan said, "The recent decision of YCP led AP Govt’s policy of ‘Banning Telugu medium in Govt schools’ made me look at ‘Telugu books’ in my library with great admiration, love, and care. If the YCP leadership would have understood the true wealth of Telugu language, they wouldn’t have come with such a preposterous policy of banning Telugu medium in Govt schools. YCP leadership should take lessons from Telangana CM ‘Sri KCR’ on how to safeguard language and culture. The following book was brought for ‘Telugu Mahasabhalu’ in 2017, Hyderabad." posted Pawan Kalyan.