MLA Dasari Manohar Reddy worries about death of his sister!!

Pedapalli MLA Dasari Manohar Reddy got devastated on hearing the news of his Sister's and his Brother-in-law's deaths.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 18, 2020 16:13 IST
MLA Dasari Manohar Reddy worries about death of his sister!!

Dasari Manohar Reddy's Sister and his Brother-in-law got murdered on Jan 27th when they went for a stroll and did not come back. None in his family came to know about their whereabouts. Even when the family and friends have tried to know about their whereabouts, no one of them could find anything about them. Amidst their worry, they finally came to know that both of them have been dead for a few days. The reason behind their death is however not sure.
According to Manohar, his sister does not have any financial crisis. Both of them have a happy married life. With everything going good, Manohar couldn't comprehend what went wrong with them that they have decided to die. It is not sure that they have suicide or murder. Her sister who has had a habit of taking vacations was thinking of taking a vacation. Ever since her son died in a car accident, both the parents were in distress. In order to feel alive again, they started taking smaller trips. Before they could even come out of it, this incident has happened and there is nothing he could do now to save them.