Modi sensational decision over the Corona effect!

Modi decides families with a ration card would be able to carry six months' worth of groceries at once.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 19, 2020 16:41 IST
Modi sensational decision over the Corona effect!

The number of corona positive cases in the country is increasing day by day. The central and state governments were alerted as 170 corona positive cases have already registered. As a precautionary measure, state governments have announced holidays for schools until 31st March. Recently Prime Minister Modi made another sensational decision. On the instructions of Modi, the central Minister Ram Vilas Paswan announced that families with a ration card would be able to carry six months' worth of goods at once. People can take rice, wheat, sugar, oil, and other items in advance. This is due to the corona effect in India. From Modi's instructions, it is clear that the whole of India is going to shut down soon.

The decision was taken by the government as it could shut down for a few days. The minister said that with the growing number of corona positive cases, the central government is advising the state government to issue six months' worth of groceries in advance. The decision taken by the Central government is expected to benefit 75 crore families. The Punjab government is already distributing six months of ration shipments to the public.
Users now have the option of taking two months of ration shipments. Scientists, on the other hand, say the corona is in the second stage in the country. The ICMR director said it was only 30 days before the coronavirus group reached the stage of the outbreak General Balaram Bhargava says. They believe that they should prevent the coronavirus at this critical stage. Or the coronavirus is likely to cause massive deaths in the future. Corona killed around 475 people in Italy in the past 24 hours. The largest number of deaths in a single day due to corona occurred in Italy.