Once again TRS’ fort walls breached in Telangana !

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: May 25, 2019 12:12 IST
Once again TRS’ fort walls breached in Telangana !

Once again TRS’ fort walls breached in Telangana!
Just when Telangana CM KCR wanted to wipe out national parties from Telangana, BJP and Congress gave an unforgettable shock to the TRS boss. By bagging seven Lok Sabha seats, both BJP and Congress have proved that they are still alive in Telangana. No one saw this coming as BJP sprang a surprise in Telangana.
People definitely wanted to teach a lesson to TRS as they felt arrogant leadership is toxic. TRS was able to win only 9 MP seats out of 16. What's to be noted here is, BJP received four seats and 19 per cent vote share. Telangana BJP president Lakshman reiterated that the 'Lotus' is the only alternative to the 'car' in the state and went on to say that in the coming days, the party will emerge as a strong force too.
It’s shocking for the KCR that its party could not achieve the objective of sweeping Telangana. TRS aimed to sweep 17 seats with its ally AIMIM but the BJP and Congress battered the TRS’s plans in seven constituencies. KCR’s daughter Kavitha couldn’t even keep her seat in Nizamabad. The result is startling as it came just six months after it retained power in Telangana with a landslide victory, winning 88 seats in 119-member assembly.
Uttam Kumar Reddy from Nalgonda, Komatreddy Venkat Reddy from Bhuvanagiri and Revanth Reddy from Malkajgiri won on Congress tickets. They all were forced into oblivion after the big set back in assembly elections. For Congress, it’s a huge face saver.
By saying so both BJP and Congress are trying their best to stake a claim as number two in Telangana for now. In the future, who will be beside people in their agitation and win their trust is completely in BJP and Congress' hands.