Own people letting Chandrababu Naidu down?

Our government failed to stop this illegal business.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 05, 2020 12:34 IST
Own people letting Chandrababu Naidu down?

Telugu Desam Party suffered great losses in the 2019 elections. Usually, the head of the party must work hard to bring back the party's glory in such circumstances. The leaders of the party should give the following level of support to the chief. But, the TDP is not doing any of these. Telugu members are trying to disorient the party as much as possible. Otherwise, Why did they arrange a press meet in this manner? They want to criticize the liquor policy introduced by the chief of the ruling party, YS Jagan. As a part of this, Bonda Umamaheswarao held a press meet along with liquor bottles. He displayed some liquor bottles on his table during a press meet.

Also, he tried to jump into the YSRCP and returned to the TDP at the last minute. TDP claims that the government is producing new liquor brands and selling them at higher costs. They are making good brands unavailable. In Andhra Pradesh, there is a lot of criticism from alcoholics. But, alcohol is a very sensitive and very crucial element in India.
The idea of YS Jagan's government is to ban alcohol. He promised the same during the election. Step-by-step alcohol control and eventual ban. To this end, the number of liquor stores reduced and liquor prices increased in AP. Does this process reduce the number of people addicted to alcohol? The answer is No. There is no chance to reduce alcoholics by following this. Some groups of people are making illegal business with alcohol. They are making the liquor bottles enter into AP from neighboring states. Our government failed to stop this illegal business.
The main aim of the YS government is to ban alcohol in Andhra Pradesh. But in vain. It failed to ban alcohol in AP. If TDP wants to criticize the ruling party, it would have tried it in some other way. But this way led them into criticism by the people of Andhra Pradesh.