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by Sathvik SV | July 23, 2021 14:20 IST beneficiary list 2021, beneficiary status, Aadhar card link status check online beneficiary list 2021. Check PM Kisan beneficiary status. aadhar link status check online. Check the article for the beneficiary list of UP, West Bengal and other states. Check PM Kisan status for the 8th and 9th installments. For a complete list of PM Kisan beneficiaries list check PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana beneficiaries check the beneficiary status. The PM Kisan scheme provides financial support of Rs 6000 to small-time farmers. Farmers should apply on to benefit from the scheme. Those who meet eligibility criteria can avail the scheme. Here is the complete list of beneficiaries for 2021. Also, check status. You should keep checking PM Kisan status regularly to know if your application is processed.

As per reports, the 8th installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojan was delivered on 14th May. The 9th installment of PM Kisan will also be deposited very soon. To avail PM Kisan Samman Nidhi yojan benefits, one should first register at PM Kisan online portal. To avail the financial aide, one should have a valid Aadhar card. Those who haven’t linked their account with Aadhar will not get the PM Kisan benefit. It is mandatory to link Aadhar with PM Kisan account to avail PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana benefit. It is said that the PM Kisan scheme might be implemented in August or September. A total of Rs 2000 will be deposited in the bank accounts of beneficiaries through the 9th installment of PM Kisan. The central government plans to release the funds by mid-August. The state governments and UT governments will decide eligible families for PM Kisan scheme. The PMKisan funds will be delivered directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries. New lists on the basis of village, panchayat, and state are down below. But first, you will have to register for PMKSNY online.

Check PM Kisan Beneficiary status:

The central government has released the list of beneficiaries of pmkisan scheme. Down below are the steps for you to check your PM Kisan beneficiary status. The next instalment of PM Kisan is likely to be released in August or September. The chances of the scheme being implemented in August are quite high. Here is how you can check pm Kisan beneficiary status.
Open the official online portal :
Now click on the farmers section
Then you will see PM Kisan beneficiary status dialogue box. You can check you application and beneficiary status here.
Enter your Aadhar card number to check PM Kisan status. is the only portal for you to check the beneficiary status. Other portals don’t have authority to publish the list of PMKisan beneficiaries. Do not believe in counterfeit sites that publish PM Kisan status data.
The government has also released PMKisan app now. You can check your PM Kisan beneficiary on this app directly. All other information related to state-wide implementation of PM Kisan Yojana is also available here. You can verify if the money is credited to your bank account.
The central government will update the list of PMKisan beneficiaries on the portal. Details about the 8th and 9th instalments of PMKisan are readily available here. If your name is mentioned on the beneficiary list, you will receive the financial aide. Else, you will have to cross check the application details. Make sure your Aadhar is successfully linked to the PM Kisan account. Any errors will result in rejection of your application. You should later edit the application details manually. It can be done on The 8th instalment of Pm Kisan samman nidhi Yojana is credited already. Related details are available on the online portal.

PM Kisan beneficiary list 2021

PM Kisan Yojana beneficiary list can be checked on the portal mentioned above. Details about the PM Kisan Yojana list for West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha can be checked. You can also call the toll free number 1800115526 to know your beneficiary status. Or, you can visit
Go to the PMKisan beneficiary section, enter your state district and other details.
You will then receive PM Kisan beneficiary list 2021 kist status.
You can check if your name is on the list. If you find your name, it means you will receive the 9th instalment of PM Kisan soon. Else, check the complete details of your application. Beneficiary farmer families should keep checking the status of the PM Kisan scheme from time to time. The state governments are not associated with the deposit of PM Kisan funds. The central government holds full authority over the scheme. You will have to manually check if your account is credited with the amount. Once your name is accepted, the portal will mention that your application is accepted.
This step is very important because it will indicate your beneficiary status. If the status reads credited, it means you have received the money already. If it says under process, it means you application is still under process. If it reads rejected, it means you are not eligible for the PM Kisan scheme. If you have any doubts regarding this, then check the details you have uploaded. Uploading wrong aadhar number and bank details are main reasons for rejection of your application. You should edit them immediately on PM Kisan portal to avail the benefits on time. The beneficiaries should never disclose their account details to third party.
Here is the state-wise list of PM Kisan Yogana beneficiaries:
State / UT Name Total Registered Beneficiaries Payment Success
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 17,280 16,229
Andhra Pradesh 5,810,922 4,736,778
Arunachal Pradesh 98,234 94,105
Assam 3,122,499 1,434,446
Bihar 8,235,866 8,014,070
Chandigarh 462 320
Chhattisgarh 3,675,784 2,578,076
Delhi 16,284 14,871
Goa 11,794 9,052
Gujarat 6,299,851 5,743,300
Haryana 1,944,516 1,772,301
Himachal Pradesh 951,848 909,059
Jammu and Kashmir 1,207,384 897,353
Jharkhand 3.071,418 1,541,629
Karnataka 5,658,958 5,263,773
Kerala 3,709,781 3,424,444
Ladakh 18,872 16,840
Lakshadweep 2,121 1,284
Madhya Pradesh 8,859,534 8,344,625
Maharashtra 11,428,355 9,404,977
Manipur 597,667 270,735
Meghalaya 193,515 181,027
Mizoram 198,955 91,050
Nagaland 213,564 175,329
Odisha 4,050,231 3,939,565
Puducherry 11,108 10,173
Punjab 2,375,051 1,760,766
Rajasthan 7,766,662 7,052,083
Sikkim 19,654 11,456
Tamil Nadu 4,863,354 3,771,715
Telangana 3,933,841 3,602,044
Daman and Diu 15,011 9,932
Tripura 239,038 214,141
Uttar Pradesh 28,044,861 25,637,427
Uttarakhand 913,424 844,473
West Bengal 2,460,019 1,406,375

How to link Aadhar Card to PM Kisan account?

Here is the detailed info on how to link Aadhar card to PMKisan account.
As mentioned above, it is important that you link Aadhar to your PM Kisan application. Only those with valid Aadhar account will receive PM Kisan Yojana. Here is how you can link your Aadhar or update Aadhar details. This step is really important for the approval of your application. Enter the correct details and make sure the Aadhar is linked to the PM Kisan account.
Go to farmers section
Select Aadhar failure records section
Now enter search details by using your Aadhar number
Your PM Kisan account section will be displayed now
Click on update Aadhar details
One of the main reasons for the rejection of PM Kisan Yojana is improper Aadhar details. You should check the Aadhar details immediately and update them on the PM Kisan portal. Various states are reporting issues due to improper mentioning of Aadhar details. Linking Aadhar card is mandatory.
Those who have updated their Aadhar details will receive the PM Kisan Yojana benefit correspondingly. Rejected farmers can re apply after assessing and correcting the errors in their application. Once approved, they will receive PM Kisan samman nidhi Yojana. Until then the due money will kept on hold by the local bank. The money will be credited once you have updated the account with the correct details. The entire process can be completed online. The process is simple and effective as well. You can update and edit the details on the portal.

PM Kisan samman nidhi Yojana FAQ

When will the 9th instalment be deposited?
Reports say it will be transferred in two months or so. The exact date of implementation is unknown for now. Keep checking this space for details. We will update the page once we have more details on PMKisan. Reportedly, the 9th instalment might be deposited in August or September.
Should I link PAN Card with PM Kisan Yojana account?
Aadhar card is mandatory. There is no update on requirement of PAN Card.
How to edit my account?
On the PM Kisan portal open the account section. Then click on edit account details option. You will be able to update your details here. Make sure you have updated all the necessary details. Any mistakes in filing the details will lead to rejection.
When will the pm Kisan status be refreshed next?
The government did not announce the date till now. You have to keep checking continually to know the latest details. For now, make sure your account details are updated.
The PM Kisan Yojana is likely to be delivered in August. Keep checking this space for more details on the scheme.