Single Minute ruined his entire educational career?

Because of this rule, many students have suffered.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 05, 2020 12:18 IST
Single Minute ruined his entire educational career?

Earlier, the Education Minister of Andhra Pradesh Adimulapu Suresh declared the examinations schedule. The Tenth exams will begin from March 23rd to April 8th and inter exams from March 4th to March 23rd. Everyone is aware of the importance of Tenth and Intermediate exams in student life. How can the officials ruin the student's one-year educational career for a minute late? There will be an unexpected reason for their delay. For a long time, people are questioning the officials about this rule.

For one year the students study hard for their exams. They hope a lot in their exams. How can one ruin their educational career, saying that he has come late to the examination hall? Students will not prefer being late to the exam hall. The officials should understand the student's perception and proceed. There will be a lot of pressure on students during examinations.
This is not the first time. It has happened many times in the past. Because of this rule, many students have suffered. A student's career is ruining out for being one minute late to the examination center. This incident happened in the town of Bellampalli, Telangana. A student named Bhanuprasad was sent back home from the exam hall for being a minute late. His exam center is at the Government Junior Boys' College.
The authorities refused to allow the student to take the exam. The student left the exam hall sobbing. It's reported that Bhanuprasad is studying at a local Bharti Junior College. Netizens, however, are angry about the incident.