TDP shows 'Land Kabza' proofs by YCP in Vizag!

TDP Leader Yanamala Ramakrishna has huge accusations towards the YCP party members regarding the land issues around Amaravati.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: February 15, 2020 10:15 IST
TDP shows 'Land Kabza' proofs by YCP in Vizag!

In his press meeting conducted at Mangalagiri, he said, "Noone has asked Jagan for three capitals. He has taken his own decision and started capturing illegal land in Vishakapatnam. I think its high time that there should be an interrogation around this procedure. The only reason why he has chosen three capitals is for his own benefit and the benefit of the YCP party members. He also claimed that Jagan is hell-bent on damaging the state's economy in this process.
When the RDI started asking questions, no one has properly responded to them. While the reason behind their behavior is still unclear, Jagan hasn't answered to Narendra Modi, our prime minister regarding the three capitals. Many bills have passed to our municipal jurisdiction, and none of them got rejected, except for two. But if we send this issue to the selection committee, the ruling party is not being able to confront it.