Telanganites with car, Andhraites will support Cycle - Lagadapati

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: May 18, 2019 20:25 IST
Telanganites with car, Andhraites will support Cycle - Lagadapati

Telanganites with the car, Andhraites will support Cycle - Lagadapati
Lagadapati Rajagopal addressed media Today from Markapuram to share his views on 2019 Elections with the public.
Speaking to media the former Congress leader made it clear that there is no possibility for hung. Considering the code of conduct in existence, he only threw some hints without revealing any numbers. Indicating that TDP and TRS will dominate in AP and Telangana, Lagadapati said: "Being a cash-rich state, Telangana people decided to ride on Car and Andhra being a budget deficit state will ride on Cycle." He further added that the new government with a clear majority to a single party. Answering to a media journalist question, he said: "I do not have an association with any of the parties and also met Jagan's family when Vivekananda Reddy was killed."
He said that He will be revealing his poll prediction Tomorrow in Tirupati. When Media persons asked about what would be the impact of Jana Sena Party in 2019 Elections. He added that Pawan Kalyan is Younger Brother of Megastar, The Seats Jana Sena will be winning gonna be less than that of PRP'. Which means JSP seat count would be less than 18.
At the same time, He made it very clear that Powerstar will be entering into the Assembly in Velagapudi without any doubt.