The secret behind how Corona was controlled in China

China got rid out of coronavirus by home quarantine and treating affected patients at home made it easy.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 22, 2020 14:08 IST
The secret behind how Corona was controlled in China

Everyone knows that China is the birthplace of the coronavirus. It is currently trembling the world. No new case got reported in the whole country since Wednesday. It is a surprising thing for the whole world. Because when the coronavirus started in Wuhan, it spread to all the countries within a matter of a few days. In anticipation of the corona, the government built two speciality hospitals with a capacity of 1500 beds and 1000 beds within ten days.

The construction of two hospitals with a capacity of 2500 beds in ten days is a world record. In all, China ravaged by the virus for almost two and a half months. But now the condition in China is under control. The whole world is studying the actions taken by the government to control this virus.
According to available information, China's government has taken steps to combat the virus. It has imposed medical emergencies throughout the country. At the same time, most parts of the country got shut down. This meant that the entire operation was shut down from villages to towns and cities. The birthplace of coronavirus, Wuhan is completely shut down.
People are confined to houses at the behest of the government. The government sent medical staff to the houses of patients, and they got treated. The government issued strict orders saying people to stay at home. Also, they halted all the people coming from other countries. It also stopped all the operations from other countries. China got rid out of coronavirus with these measures. These are major measures taken by China's government to eradicate coronavirus.
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