TRS again into trouble!

Looks like TRS government has yet got another problem to face in Telangana.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: January 12, 2020 17:56 IST
TRS again into trouble!

Looks like the TRS government has yet got another problem to face in Telangana. The opposition might not be a great match for TRS in Telangana. However, the formation of groups within the TRS party is getting troublesome.
Even after great efforts from the TRS party president to maintain the situation, the situation seems to be getting out of control due to some of the closest candidates who are rebelling against him. Jupalli Krishna Rao who happens to be the closest friend of KCR is said to be on a warpath nowadays. Rebel candidates who were in Kollapur by Jupally Krishna Rao who feels that the key to the distribution of tickets is being held by the sitting MLA who had earlier defected from the Congress.
This is because this sitting MLA is denying his supporters tickets. By this, on the forward block tickets, his supporters are says to be contesting. Even after KCR called them to Hyderabad, he is not in any such plans. As former Medchal MLA, M Sudhir Reddy had started to revolt, it had become trouble to Minister Malla Reddy on another hand. After the mayoral aspirations of him were trashed, the joining of Darga Dayakar into congress lead to disturbances in his life as he was his trusted ally.
There came a need for Malla Reddy to rush to him as well as to placate him. Even after two hours, when Dayakar Reddy had to return to the TRS, there is still nothing well going on in Medchal constituency. This has been highly condemned by the party.
They told the dissidents to get back to order and support the official candidates, by KCR. Despite words from KCR, they have been stuck to their stance in most of the places.