What made Roja to finalise as AP Assembly speaker!

Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: June 02, 2019 14:41 IST
What made Roja to finalise as AP Assembly speaker!

What made Roja finalize as AP Assembly Speaker!
For the past three days, AP New Chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been working to finalize the list of his cabinet ministers. Till now he has changed the list three times with the suggested edits form his team. The list will be announced anytime soon and as of now, he will release the names of 15 ministers in the first segment.
Meanwhile, YSRCP firebrand, Roja Selvamani anticipated the home ministry from Jagan but this YSRCP Chief is looking to make Roja as the speaker of the assembly. There is a reason for this as the community to which Roja belongs to has too much competition within them which made Jagan deny home ministry for Roja. Initially, it was Buggana in the talks for this but somehow as he was not interested, Roja seemed to be the inevitable option before Jagan. SC, ST community leaders were given 2 and 1 cabinet ministry respectively.
Meanwhile, In March 2016, a judge of the Hyderabad High Court put Roja suspension from the assembly on the hold for the objectionable comments she made during a debate on the ‘call money’ racket in the state. Suspension of RK Roja from the house for one year happened for her allegedly abusing another woman member. But now, her firebrand quality and aggressiveness brought her chance to become the AP assembly speaker.