Who can save Sonia Gandhi now?

Leadership skills emerge only when there are adversity and crisis.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 14, 2020 13:14 IST
Who can save Sonia Gandhi now?

As the BJP is moving away from the public with its aggressive policies, everyone is hoping that Congress will come together. But the party is shying away from the possibility of internal conflicts and gangs. The plight of the Congress party as a whole seems to have caught the eye of Madhya Pradesh. Like a large state in Congress's own government. This is the responsibility of the state and national party leadership.

Leaders of Congress who grew up in the aftermath of Emergency have now become a big burden for the party. The earliest post-independence period has no value. There is no sacrifice. Leaders with a thirst for power and selfishness are plaguing the party. After 1996, the party lost power for eight years. Yet the party cadre was not disturbed. Since 2004, it has been in power for ten years and has been able to regain most of the states. The BJP is strengthening the country with a rule that the party should be free to do things that are good and bad. Encouraging youth leadership. This feature is lacking in Congress.
The Gujarat Council has been set up for this purpose in the Bharatiya Janata Party. The very fact that the current developments prove that such an arrangement is needed in Congress. Power is being built. Everything is fine when things go smoothly. Leadership skills emerge only when there are adversity and crisis. That lack of intelligence in Congress. Future leadership is responsible for ensuring the leadership of the party in the future. It seems like there is no future for the Congress party. Even now, apathy towards action in that direction is a danger to the future of the party.