YS Sharmila deciding Chandrababu's future??

A couple of other key leaders also announced themselves to join the YSRCP soon.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 14, 2020 13:30 IST
YS Sharmila deciding Chandrababu's future??

Everyone has seen the popularity got for the slogan "Bye-bye Babu" in the last election. YS Sharmila, who campaigned for the election, told the crowd to say "Bye-bye Babu" in her roadshows. Well, whatever may be the reason but people really said bye to Chandrababu's authority. They even did not say that normally. At worst, they were limited to 23 seats only. The worst defeat in the history of the TDP was unprecedented.

Well then, people say bye-bye and now senior leaders of TDP are saying "bye-bye" to Chandrababu. In the past three days, about eight former ministers and former MLAs have resigned from the Telugu Desam Party and joined the YCP. A couple of other key leaders also announced themselves to join the YCP soon.
There are many leaders who are resigning from TDP and joining YCP. Former ministers Dokka Manikya Varaprasad and Ponnapureddy Ramasubbareddy, former MLA's Kadiri Baburao, SA Rehman and Tenali Vijaykumar. Former MLC Satish Reddy will be joining the YCP soon. Former MLA Panchakar Ramesh also resigned from the TDP. The date of his joining into YCP has not yet been announced. Apart from them, former minister Janasena leader Pasupuleti Balaraju and Chintalapudi Venkatramaiah also joined the YCP.
All the leaders who have left the TDP are especially saying "Bye-bye" to Chandrababu. It seems like it's YS Sharmila's sketch. Likewise, she made people say "Bye-bye" Chandrababu, she is also making the leaders say the slogan before they join in YCP. From this, it is clear that YS Sharmila is deciding Chandrababu's future. Well, every single one of the leaders who resigned from the party has a reason. The final result is saying bye-bye to Chandrababu. In another week or so, some key leaders are going to say goodbye to Chandrababu.