Happy Birthday Shivarajkumar! : Bhajarangi 2 teaser is out!

On the occasion of Shivarajkumar’s 58th birthday, the makers of Bhajarangi 2 released the official teaser as a birthday present!
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: July 12, 2020 12:42 IST
 Happy Birthday Shivarajkumar! : Bhajarangi 2 teaser is out!

Hat-trick Hero Shivarajkumar turns 58 today! The countdown to the official teaser for the Hat-trick Hero’s upcoming fantasy film Bhajarangi 2 began minutes before 11:30 am as promised. The live comments section was overflowing with comments celebrating the actor's birthday.

The teaser finally aired after much anticipation at 11:30 am on the A2 Music YouTube channel. The stunning teaser began with commentary about diseases and medicine; and how nature will provide medicine to disease! Stills of plagues, characters smoking ancient cigars, fire, bow and arrow action, slavery, and much more. For most parts, the teaser focuses on the ancient world of the Bhajarangi universe. At the very end the teaser shifts from the ancient world to a much later time period where Shivarajkumar's character leaps on the forest floor with gusto! Shivarajkumar’s character looks like he could be a forest ranger of some kind. All and in all the teaser of Bhajarangi 2 is action-packed! The teaser has all the makings of a blockbuster. Great cinematography, costume design, set design, visual effect, and much more is in store for Shivarajkumar fans!
We all know that Bhajarangi 2 is neither a sequel nor a continuation of the first Bhajarangi that hit the theatres in 2013. “Bhajarangi 2 is not a sequel of Bhajarangi. It is also not a continuation of the story. The two are not at all connected in any way other than the title,” Director Harsha had told us earlier this year.
Jeeva, from the first Bhajarangi film, faced off with a Tantrik to save his homeland and settle a score from his past life. It seems like Shivarajkuamar's character from Bhajarangi 2 will face off some sort of a plague-like disease. If so, Bhajarangi 2 might have a lot of relevance as we are currently amid a medical crisis.