Vadivelu joins hands with Suraj for a new film

Comedy legend Vadivelu will join hands with director Suraj for a new film, which is titled Naai Sekhar.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: March 29, 2021 14:39 IST
Vadivelu joins hands with Suraj for a new film

Vadivelu is a comedy legend and is easily one of the most loved actors in Tamil cinema. Though he hasn't appeared in films in the last five years, Vaduvelu is a staple for Tamil people as he is a template for all meme-makers on various topics. Vadivelu and director Shankar were supposed to work on Imsai Arasan 24 aam Pulikesi. Due to a major fallout between the two, the film had to be dropped. Now, Vadivelu is waiting to make a solid comeback in Tamil cinema. Of late, there were several reports suggesting that Vadivelu will make a comeback in Tamil films. Bt, there has been no official confirmation on the same.

Reportedly, he has signed a film titled Naai Sekhar, which will be directed by Suraj. The two had earlier worked in a film titled Nagaram, which was directed by Suraj. In the film, he played the role of Naai Sekar. In another film titled Ezhumalai, director Suraj made Vadivelu played the role of Encounter Egambaram. Now, the two have joined hands for a film titled Naai Sekar. The shooting of the film will begin sometime in April. An official announcement on the same is yet to be made.