Health officers and Medical doctors hand up? Unable to control?

Recently 1,019 people came out of seven coronavirus quarantines.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 22, 2020 14:16 IST
Health officers and Medical doctors hand up? Unable to control?

Corona widely expanding throughout the world. The people in India are being irresponsible about the country. This is not the case where people should neglect. They should have some responsibility for their nation. Even though the government has set up several measures to eradicate coronavirus into our country, the results are in vain. It's only because of the negligence of the people. They are taking others' lives for granted. As we all know that the coronavirus is an epidemic, some people are still neglecting.

As part of safety measures, the government has set up quarantines for the people who are coming from corona infected countries. The govt has asked these people to stay in the quarantines for 14 days. By saying lame reasons, people are coming out of the quarantines and are going to their homes. As they came from the most infected countries, our government has set up these quarantines. The reasons for the quarantined people are the food is not hygiene, we can't stay alone, there are no facilities, etc. Recently 1,019 people came out of seven quarantines.
The doctors and the officers are worried about this. As they cannot do anything further, they are taking self-declaration and sending the people to their homes. The doctors are saying that it is going to bring a huge crisis to India. However, medical and health officials have worked hard to make them stay. But in vain. Finally, they sent people from quarantines to their homes.
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