Now! Get Coronavirus updates from website

Find out how many cases registered with coronavirus in the states and how the virus is spreading all over India.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 16, 2020 16:04 IST
 Now! Get Coronavirus updates from website

Corona is expanding day by day throughout the country. Prime Minister Modi has now called the SAARC through videoconference to fight against Coronavirus. Most of the cases in India are from Maharashtra, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh with 32, 22 and 12 positive cases respectively. The number of active cases in Haryana is 14 but all of them are foreign nationals.

Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir also have 3 and 2 positive cases, respectively. Meanwhile, there have been no reports of any positive cases from Northeast India. The government halted buses and cross-border passenger trains to Bangladesh as a precautionary measure. However, a tech company has created a new website and made it available to the citizens of the country in order to keep up to date with updates on Corona.
Kiprosh Tech Company has launched a new website called "". The number of Corona sufferers around the country can be known at any time. Also in the form of charts and graphs of how many people are treated in hospitals, how many are in the ICU, how many have been recovered from corona, and how many have died as a result of the virus.
You can also find out how many cases registered with coronavirus in the states and how the virus is spreading. You can also find the details mentioned earlier on this site. So, there is no need to worry about false information. You can directly reach this website for accurate information. Administrators said the site was made available to citizens with the updates of Coronavirus on a regular basis.
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