Samchayitha Gajapathiraju and Aditi Gajapathiraju to face HUGE FIRE!

Samchayitha Gajapathiraju and her cousin sister Aditi Gajapathiraju might face a huge fire between because of politics.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 23, 2020 12:36 IST
Samchayitha Gajapathiraju and Aditi Gajapathiraju to face HUGE FIRE!

The Vijayanagaram Pusapati dynasty has centuries of history. They ruled and dominated. Even in a democracy, royal members are well treated. They have enjoyed many positions over the past two generations. Starting from PVG Raju, later his sons Ananda Gajapathiraju and Ashok Gajapathiraja continued in constitutional positions.

Former central Minister Ashok originally hoped that the third generation should come from his home. That is why his eldest daughter Aditi Gajapati Raju has contested from Vijayanagaram. As an MLA on behalf of TDP, she contested in last year's general elections. However, she lost in the elections because of Jagan.
Now suddenly there comes the third generation. Ashok's elder brother Anand's daughter, Samchayitha Gajapatiraju, became the Mansas Chairperson. And also as the Chairperson of the famous shrine Simhachalam Temple. Her leverage doubled with this blow. As Mansas Trust Chairperson, she has the opportunity to grow her reputation in Vijayanagaram. Likewise, she is building her political career.
That means she will be contesting as an MLA. These new positions are additional boards for the accredited consortium, which already serves volunteers in the community. She is currently serving society. Through the trusts, she is doing social service to the people. She is being aggressively politicized.
To prevent this, Ashok is thinking to introduce his daughter Aditi into politics. He is looking to hand over the entire TDP of the Vijayanagaram district to his daughter. And if Chandrababu agreed to this, there will be a huge fire between the two sisters.
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