Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil is the Kollywood version of Bigg Boss, the ultra-popular Indian reality TV show, which is based on the Dutch show Big Brother. The Kollywood version has completed three seasons so far, and all three have been hosted by one of India’s greatest actors, Kamal Haasan. The house has both celebrity and commoner housemates, and usually has about 17 housemates, most of whom enter initially, and a few others come in through wild card entry.

Bigg Boss House

The Bigg Boss House is basically where these contestants will have to stay, usually for about 3 months. They will be isolated from the outside world, with no access to telephones, TV, or newspapers. They cannot sleep in or nap during the day, they cannot read or write, and they all have to divide duties of the house among themselves. Living together, the contestants must solve challenges and complete tasks that Bigg Boss gives them. Every week they will have a number of tasks, mostly in order to procure their supplies. Every week the housemates can nominate a few contestants for eviction, and based on viewers’ votes, elimination is decided. Of course, there are surprises every step of the way, with wild card entries, daunting challenges, and conflicts among the housemates.