KGF Box Office Collection


KGF Box Office Collection

U/A Telugu


21st Dec 2018 02:35:00

11.07 cr

17 Days WW Share


A period drama narrates the 17000-year-old history of oppressed waging wars against their oppressors. Set in the early 80s, KGF - the first chapter centers the protagonist who leads a battle against oppressors.

Cast & Crew

KGF Box Office Collection - Day wise Breakup, Region wise, Worldwide, Overseas

Day Wise Breakup (INR)

Days AP/TS India Overseas Worldwide
day1 61.87 lacs 61.87 lacs 61.87 lacs
day2 71.84 lacs 71.84 lacs 71.84 lacs
day3 76.70 lacs 76.70 lacs 76.70 lacs

Region Wise Breakup (INR)

Territory 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
Nizam 19.00 lacs 65.50 lacs 1.94 cr 4.50 cr
Ceeded 13.00 lacs 55.00 lacs 1.05 cr 2.20 cr
Uttarandhra 8.50 lacs 27.00 lacs 58.00 lacs 1.20 cr
Guntur 5.81 lacs 17.23 lacs 39.65 lacs 75.00 lacs
East Godavari 4.07 lacs 12.47 lacs 27.17 lacs 60.00 lacs
West Godavari 4.84 lacs 10.50 lacs 22.70 lacs 55.00 lacs
Krishna 5.50 lacs 18.56 lacs 44.94 lacs 90.00 lacs
Nellore 1.15 lacs 4.15 lacs 9.00 lacs 37.00 lacs
AP/TS 61.87 lacs 2.10 cr 5.00 cr 11.07 cr
Rest Of India
India 61.87 lacs 2.10 cr 5.00 cr 11.07 cr
United States
Rest Of World
Worldwide 61.87 lacs 2.10 cr 5.00 cr 11.07 cr

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KGF 11.07 cr