Kala movie Review

Kala Movie Review

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Language: Telugu

Genre: Thriller

Streaming Date: 04 Jun 2021

Duration: 00:00:00


Kala Movie Review: Sparingly compelling actioner

Starring Tovino Thomas and Sumesh Moor in the lead roles, Kala(Telugu dubbed version) is streaming on Aha. Here’s our review of the film.
Sathvik SV

Updated: June 04, 2021 21:07 IST

Rating : 2.75/5

Kala Story:

Following a series of fateful incidents, Shaji (Tovino Thomas) kills a dog fostered by Sumesh. What follows later is a bloody and gore-filled brawl between the duo as they indulge in a life-threatening physical annihilation.

Kala Analysis:

From the story standpoint, Kala has a relatively straightforward set-up. It unravels the journey of two young men who put their lives on the line following the death of a dog. But this single-layered storyline is presented in the most intense and spine-chilling way possible.

Kala is mainly powered by stellar performances from the lead cast. Tovino Thomas and Sumesh deliver spotless performances. Especially, Sumesh sends chills down the spine in a couple of scenes with his facial expressions and body language. Divya Pillai, who plays Tovino’s wife looks beautiful and she emotes well.
The rural landscape of a private estate in Kerala and its nearby locales are captured with great finesse, thanks to some brilliant work from the man behind the lens Akhil George. Dawn Vincent’s music is haunting.
Kala is filled with action, bloodshed, and more gruesome action. The excessive bloodshed does not make for a great viewing to a section of the audiences. Quite a few scenes are way too frightful for family audiences. It caters only to select audiences.
The screenplay is a tad patchy. There is intermediary lag through the course of the film. The final fight sequence goes on for around 1 hour or so and despite the theatrics, the proceedings turn monotonous.

Kala Verdict:

Kala is a sparingly compelling actioner that heavily banks on its gruesome action sequences. It needs to be said that the film doesn’t cater to a large section of the audiences. But those who love intense and spine-chilling action and don’t mind excessive bloodshed can give it a try.