Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie

Tony Parker: The Final Shot

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06 Jan 2021 01:38:00

Netflix Original Tony Parker Movie Review: The Final Shot review.

While Tony Parker’s legend lives on among basketball fans in France and in dedicated NBA Fans, the new Netflix original fails to captivate anyone but the old fans of Tony Parker.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: January 09, 2021 17:55 IST

Rating : 2/5

Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie Synopsis:

Tony Parker: The final shot is a film based entirely on the life and career of the basketball legend Tony Parker. Parker who became a household name in France and later in America because of his NBA fame, held many records to his name and was also involved in plenty of controversy himself. The film traces this very journey that Parker had to take both in his personal and professional life to reach the fame that he did.

Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie Review

In terms of story the film eludes the major half of the controversies surrounding racism and allegations of sexual harassment in favour of documenting the basketball star’s fame. Perhaps the only rivalry that the film does concern itself with is Tony Parker’s rivalry with the late basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie Performances:

Tony Parker: The Final shot scores just the right shots when it comes to the film’s popularity among sports fans, particularly those who have long followed the life of the star. However as a documentary film there is little that the new Netflix sports feature films offers to those who are not as familiar with basketball nor the sportsmen behind the game. What makes it worse is the film’s reluctance to accept Tony Parker as a flawed sports legend. By putting complete and utter emphasis on his personal growth as someone who grew up watching Micheal Jordan, Parker’s life never seems to deviate from the path that the film first begins on.

Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie Positives:

Like any true biographical film Netflix’s most recent attempt at making a sports documentary, is a success on the front that it achieves exactly what it aims to. Unlike most documentaries, if someone comes looking for a sports themed documentary, this film is just right for them.

Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie Negatives:

The biggest drawback of making a feature film about the French basketball legend is in its exclusive audience base. The film has an incredibly niche audience and not many will enjoy streaming it as they do with many other Netflix films particularly during the pandemic. The film is also a little dragged in certain parts which could have been shortened down to make a more clear impact on the viewer.

Tony Parker: The Final Shot Movie Verdict:

Watch Tony Parker: The Final Shot if you are a fan of basketball and only if you are a fan of basketball. The film does not attempt to do anything beyond highlighting the already told story about the life of Tony Parker. Otherwise with its runtime of just over 90 min the film goes on for a bit too long for most people’s liking.