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06 Jan 2021 00:50:00

Netflix’s new docuseries Surviving Death Web Series review

In a turn towards the worse Netflix’s newest series Surviving Death resembles a poorly made cash grab meant to hoax people into the idea of an afterlife.
Apoorv Shandilya

Updated: January 09, 2021 17:59 IST

Rating : 1/5

Surviving Death Web Series Synopsis:

Surviving Death’s director Ricki Stern admits that she herself was a non believer until she got the chance to make this show. However, in the long and drawn out series, all that surviving death showcases comes out of a box full of cliches. From mediums trying to call upon dead and those who survived the embrace of death itself, the show in its own right is a discovery of what happens once the human body dies.

Surviving Death Web Series Review:

Surviving Death is a poorly made attempt at defining afterlife that pays no respects to cultures and myths that define death and afterlife. Instead in its shabby attempts at recording ghosts and victims of murders, the show resembles a cash grab and nothing else. Over the course of six episodes, each an hour long, Surviving Death will perhaps only interest those who are looking for a laugh but even then the internet has so much better to offer.

Surviving Death Web series Performances:

As one would expect from a show that concerns itself with the paranormal, Surviving Death takes itself too seriously for its own good. From the overbearing narrator to the victims and the ghostly voices, every bit of the show looks and feels choreographed down to every last minute. This leads to the show being less eerie and more jarring as it hurts the viewer and shames them for paying any attention to the show itself.

Surviving Death Web Series Positives:

Similar to how many cultures speak about the afterlife, surviving death offers the possibility of a very real afterlife which can help those who suffer from death anxiety. The show even in its weaknesses remains a promise to those who are afraid of death itself. The fact that the show was released during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic only helps drive this cause.

Surviving Death Web Series Negatives:

After watching six complete episodes of Surviving Death it is easily one of the least worthy of any praise. From the poor acting and direction the show lacks any clear direction through and through.

Surviving Death Web Series Verdict:

Even in its quality or lack thereof the show itself is binge worthy on a late weekend for some laughs and to raise some conversations about death and afterlife.