Pachchis movie Review

Pachchis Movie Review

Pachchis watch online on Amazon Prime Video

Age: 13+

Language: Telugu

Genre: Action Thriller

Streaming Date: 12 Jun 2021

Duration: 02:07:00


Pachchis Movie Review - Sluggish cat and mouse thriller

Pachchis, starring Raamz, Swetha Varma, and Ravi Varma in the lead roles is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now. Here’s our review of the film.
Sathvik SV

Updated: June 12, 2021 23:33 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Pachchis Review - Story:

Abhiram (Raamz) seeks to make easy money through sports gambling but ends up biting way more than he chew and lands neck deep in trouble. Amid all the chaos, he gets involved in a political turmoil. What follows later is cat and mouse chase between Abhiram and the perpetrators.

Pachchis Review - Analysis:

Pachchis starts off on the right note as the opening sequences establish the core conflict pertaining to an undercover operation in the Hyderabad police department. The curiosity factor is quite high in the first 10 minutes or so.

For most parts, the film follows Hollywood-thriller template and the drama unfolds at its own pace. But the hook point is lacking. The intensity that is developed through the visual presentation lacks novelty and we never really get connected to the main conflict. The tension that is built up goes in vein.
The film is powered by very impressive performances from the lead cast. Raamz, Swetha Varma, Ravi Varma and Dayanand Reddy deliver natural performances and they carry the mood of the proceedings. The casting is bang on point. Cinematography is top notch as the atmospherics are visualised in an exquisite manner. Background music gels with the theme.
The main problem with Pachchis is the core plot gets diluted with the extremely sluggish screenplay. The subplot of a young lady trying to find her missing brother is not engaging enough. The character arcs are decent enough but the pace at which things unfold is a cause of concern. Had the narrative been crisp and compelling, the film could even shaped up a whole lot better.

Pachchis Review - Verdict:

Pachchis has a decent premise but it fails to pack the desired impact, owing to the sluggish screenplay. It ends up as a one-time watch at the very best.