Bell Bottom Movie Review


Bell Bottom Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Thriller Mystery

Release Date: 19 Aug 2021

Runtime: 02:03:00

Bell Bottom Movie Cast & Crew

  1. Rajeev Ravi


  2. Aseem Arora


  3. Akshay Kumar

    Lead Actor

  4. Vaani Kapoor


  5. Vashu Bhagnani

    Lead Actor

  6. Jackky Bhagnani

    Lead Actor

  7. Deepshikha Deshmukh

    Lead Actor

  8. Lara Dutta


  9. Huma Qureshi


  10. Ranjit M Tiwari



Bell Bottom Movie Review - Captivating Actioner

Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom is the first mainstream Bollywood biggie to release in cinema halls post the Covid second wave. The film hit the marquee amid sky-high expectations. Scroll on to read our re
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Updated: August 19, 2021 17:36 IST

Rating : 3/5

Bell Bottom Review - Story

Bell Bottom (Akshay Kumar), an undercover RAW agent is handed with the responsibility of handling a hostage situation. A total of 210 lives are at stake and any mishap can spell fatal consequences. Can Bell Bottom effectively carry out the mission?

Bell Bottom Review - Analysis

A Telugu film titled Gaganam, starring Nagarjuna in the lead role introduced the concept of hostage situation set in commercial aircraft backdrop to the Telugu audiences. Around 10 years later, Bell Bottom offers an arguably similar movie watching experience to the audiences.

Akshay Kumar as a RAW agent looks sharp. His portrayal of the seemingly complex character is exquisite. He carries the right demeanour and mannerisms for the role. Varni Kapoor as his on-screen wife does a fine job. Huma Quereshi plays a brief yet impactful role. The casting is bang on point for this realistic actioner.
Movies with a hostage situation backdrop enjoy the luxury of evoking great suspense. The viewers can be kept second-guessing so as to what is about to happen next. Bell Bottom hits the bullseye on this front. The hostage situation, which forms the core plot of the film is narrated in a gripping manner. The tension is built up with a fast-paced screenplay.
However, the terrorists hijack angle, which plays a crucial role in the main narrative needed more zest. A few scenes pertaining to the hijack are illogical. Also, the hero elevation slow-motion shots amid a hostage situation deplete the authenticity factor.
The Indo-Pak angle is explored to good effect and it adds to the drama. The director Ranjit Tiwari infuses adequate drama and suspense into the film and they just about manage to keep the viewers engages. Background score and cinematography are of elite quality.

Bell Bottom Review - Verdict

Bell Bottom revolved around a plane hijack situation and it obviously brings up the Indo-Pak angle, given the fact that it is based on real incidents, dating back to the 70s and 80s. Akshay Kumar’s performance and the relatively gripping narrative make this actioner a captivating one, despite the occasional hiccups here and there.