Michael Movie Review


Michael Movie Review


Language: Malayalam

Genre: Action Drama

Release Date: 03 Feb 2023

Runtime: 02:03:00

Michael Movie Cast & Crew


Michael : Movie Review: Regular And Boring

Michael : Movie Review: Regular And Boring
Sundeep Kishan's upcoming movie, Michael, has created a lot of buzz in the industry, with its interesting trailer and setup. The movie has been released today, and let's see how it has turned out to b
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Updated: February 03, 2023 11:28 IST

Rating : 2/5

Michael Review - Story

Michael is a gangster, who is raised by another gangster, Guru, in Mumbai. Michael is the close confidante of Guru, so much so that Guru ignores his own son. Michael has only one ambition in life, and is constantly working towards it. In the meantime, Michael meets his love interest, who brings in a new set of problems. Eventually, Michael and Guru fall apart for a major reason. What is that reason, and what is Michael's life ambition forms the rest of the story.

Michael Review - Analysis

Performances wise, Sundeep Kishan takes the cake, as the actor has given his career best performance in the movie, for sure. He has emoted perfectly and his action sequences are exceptional. He has reinvented himself with the film, for sure, but that doesn't seem to be enough to make this film work.

Director turned actor Gautam Menon gets a heavy role in the movie, and he is underwhelming in that role. He gives a very unimpactful performance as Guru, which takes away a lot of the emotional weight from the overall plot. Had someone more seasoned been given this role, the impact would have been much greater.
Varun Sandesh's character was hyped up a lot prior to the film's release, but his character doesn't live up to that hype, and comes off as routine as well.
Vijay Sethupathi and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar are given interesting roles, but both of them are very much underutilised in the movie. The movie gets interesting after their entry, but is ended soon after that as well.
Leading lady Divyansha Kaushik doesn't have much to do in the film either. Anasuya is given a one tone character, which she has already done before.
Director Ranjith has chosen a very familiar story, and tells it in a very slow and uninteresting manner. A lot of the emotions and scenes from Michael feel like an inferior reiteration of what we've seen in the KGF franchise. The movie is heavily borrowed, and the director doesn't do much to make it feel new.
The background score is quite good in some areas, and the cinematography is excellent. There's a lot of style in the movie, but the movie lacks any proper substance, unfortunately.

Michael Review - Verdict

Michael could have been much better if the director tried to tell his story in a more interesting manner, at a much higher pace. Unfortunately, since this didn't happen, the movie is boring and unimpactful at best. It can easily be skipped in theatres.