Amigos Movie Review


Amigos Movie Review


Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 10 Feb 2023

Runtime: 00:00:00

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Amigos : Movie Review - Not So Amazing

Amigos : Movie Review - Not So Amazing
Nandamudi Kalyan Ram's latest film, Amigos, has been released today, among decent expectations. The film is Kalyan Ram's immediate release after the blockbuster of Bimbisara. Let's see how Amigos turn
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Updated: February 10, 2023 23:36 IST

Rating : 2.5/5

Amigos Review - Story

Amigos is about three doppelgangers - Siddhu, Manjunath, and Michael. They three meet when Siddhu comes across a website that will let him find his doppelgangers and meet them. Things look good when the three initially meet, but soon, everything is turned on its head, when they realize that one of them is a most wanted criminal. What happens after that and what is the final resolution forms the rest of the story.

Amigos Review - Analysis

Kalyan Ram has done a fantastic job as the three doppelgangers and has effortlessly differentiated one character from the other. His performance is the major highlight of the film, with Kalyan Ram showcasing his acting range. While his turn as the negative character of Michael was good, and his take on cruelty and evilness was impactful, his voice modulation in the character was a bit off.

Brahmaji and Saptagiri are good enough in their roles and come in when necessary. Apart from that, and a little comic relief here and there, there isn't much else that they had to do in the film.
Leading lady Ashika Ranganath is there only for the sake of it and doesn't have a lot to do in the film. She looks good and has a couple of good songs, but that's about that.
Director Rajendra Reddy came up with an interesting plot for the movie and with the fact that the main three characters are not related to each other, he managed to create a lot of interest in the movie. However, he failed to build any real interest in the first half, which dragged on. Even though the second half picked up a lot, in comparison, it wasn't enough to save the film.
The background music by Ghibran is good, but the visuals turn out to be underwhelming when compared to the music. The cinematography of the film is good and one of its main assets.
The production values of the film are rich, but the editing is poor and could have been much better.

Amigos Review - Verdict

On the whole, Amigos is a good attempt, but it was executed poorly, with an inadequate screenplay and a boring narrative.