Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Certificate: U/A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Action Fantasy

Release Date: 08 Mar 2019

Runtime: 02:04:00


Captain Marvel Movie Review

Xappie Desk

Updated: March 08, 2019 23:57 IST

Rating : 3/5

Captain Marvel Movie Tagline:

Despite few bumps, the Marvel film hits the right chord

Captain Marvel Movie Summary:

Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson) is a powerful soldier belonging to a different alien race known as the Kree. She feels a strong connection towards Earth but she is unaware of her identity. During a battle between two galaxies, she descends on Earth, known as C-53, where she meets Agent Nick Fury (a brilliant Samuel L. Jackson).

She then tries to retrace her memories to her origins. In the process, she proves to be an incredible asset to Marvel.

Captain Marvel Movie Performance:

The trailer of Captain Marvel didn’t really expose the talents of Brie Larson. In the film, she is best suited for the role of Carol Danvers. Watch out for the conversation between Danvers and Nick Fury.

Samuel Jackson brings his usual adorable demeanor in his character Nick Fury. In the film, he appears without his usual eye-patch and he is much naïve than his usual self.

Unfortunately, Jude Law’s performance is quite unconvincing and doesn’t add any substance to the story.

But, Ben Mendelsohn is just excellent in his role. His subtle performance stands out and he brings in the much-needed freshness to the film.

Captain Marvel Movie Positives:

The Marvel universe needed a solo film on a women superhero and Captain Marvel comes at the right time for the fans to rejoice.

As the Avengers: End Game is nearing, the makers have made a wise choice to get a film done in Captain Marvel instead of just introducing her in the last film.

The story happens in the 90s and the set construction to the tone of the film and the soundtrack, everything screams of the 90s and takes us back to the celebrated era.

The superhero moments in the film induce goosebumps and along with that, there are a handful of creative surprises that are thrown at the audience.

Captain Marvel Movie Negatives:

The script had ample scope for comedy and the dialogues are also written in such a way. However, several jokes fall flat and ruin the mood of the film and the particular scenes.

One of the major drawbacks is its pace that takes its own time. The makers have spent a lot of time to prove that Captain Marvel as the most strong and badass woman on the planet. However, it gets tiring after a point.

Captain Marvel Verdict:

Barring a few elements, Captain Marvel is a beautiful addition to the Marvel Universe. While it displays Marvel’s strength, it also reminds us that the End Game is nearing which is quite exciting for any fan of the Marvel Universe.